CIDSE-Laos History

  • The CLV (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) Programme is an operational programme of CIDSE, a working group of 16 Catholic development agencies based in Europe, North America and New Zealand.  Its origins go back to 1977/78, when CIDSE members decided to work together as a consortium for the purposes of delivering assistance to, and showing solidarity with the people in Vietnam. Later, the consortium extended its activities to include Cambodia in1979 and in Laos in 1988.
  • The CIDSE-Laos programme initially provided emergency aid and supported national reconstruction programmes. However, political and economic changes  have allowed CIDSE-Laos to increasingly focus on community based, integrated development, supporting local people’s efforts to eliminate poverty and bring about a just society.
  • In 2007, Localized one Non-Profit Organization – NORMAI
  • Integrated Develompment programmes handed over to a new Non-Profit Organization called NORMAI – Atsaphone project in June 2008 and Saybouathong project – September 2008.