Justice: Is treating all people in society in a fair and transparent manner.
Honesty: Is being truthful to all people and to yourself and taking responsibility for your actions.
Transparency: Is being clear in decision making, allowing everyone to understand how decisions are made, and where people are accountable to each other.
Happiness: Is being satisfied and content with what you have through showing respect for all people in society and having an open mind to see other people's point of view.
Equity: Is access to social services, culture, law, policy, natural resources especially land, decision making processes and balanced benefits to all people regardless of gender, social status, ethnicity or religion.
Solidarity: Is the situation where people work in partnership and are able to manage their differences even as they share values and goals.
Participation: Is the involvement of all people in decisions affecting them.
Ecological Balance: Is a society where people use and manage the environment and natural resources in sustainable ways.
Peace: Is the situation where all people can work together in harmony without fear of conflict and war.
Healthy Society: not only means free of disease and affliction, it also means that people are strong and well in mind and body and are contributing to economic and social systems.
Respect Culture: Is to value the diversity in culture and tradition.



CIDSE-Laos aspires to see Laos as a happy, healthy and ecologically balanced society where there is peace based on transparency and justice, and where different cultures are valued and people benefit from their participation in a society that is equitable to all regardless of gender, class, ethnicity or religion.



CIDSE Laos aims to:

Use strong local, regional and international networks to raise the awareness of natural resource use in village livelihoods in order to strengthen Land use policy and, to empower rural communities to sustainably manage their own future


Preserve Land, Preserve Life



"To ensure that village land use is conducted in a participatory and transparent manner that protects villagers' rights under the law and preserves their traditional livelihood systems"