Project 1 - Law Dissemination for Communities

Project Goal:    To promote the rule of law, justice and community democracy, to enhance public knowledge, encourage community participation in governance and advocacy for greater social harmony.

Strategy1: CISDE will work closely with communities to learn from them about traditional land management, land issues and traditional conflict management mechanisms. This is will prepare CIDSE staff to integrate local knowledge into the project.  Training on community organizing and mobilization will help communities to act together to use legal mechanisms and engage with outsiders.

  • CIDSE staff living in and learning about local culture.
  • Identifying community leaders (youth and elders)
  • Introducing and training about community mobilization.
  • Situational analysis of communities’ power
  • Facilitate interest groups

Strategy 2 Awareness raising on policy and laws concerning land, natural resources and other related laws for communities through a legal training program.

  • Legal knowledge evaluations
  • Understanding traditional law
  • Village Legal Volunteer (VLV) training
  • VLV exposure visits and meeting
  • Village interest group training

Strategy 3: Advocacy material design and dissemination. In order to reach a large target group, media materials about natural resource and the rights of communities will be created and widely
distributed. These will reach all segments of society and be inclusive of gender and ethnic sensitivities.

  • Produce media (documentary, theatre, newspaper, radio, posters)
  • Distribution to NGO, government offices, universities, libraries and schools
  • Work in partnership with the CIDSE researcher to create material about the benefits of traditional land management

Strategy 4: Awareness raising on policy and laws concerning land, natural resources and other related laws for government staff through a legal training program.

  • Exposure trips to other legal advocacy projects
  • Cooperation with legal projects (INGO or Faculty of Law)
  • Legal training with district, provincial and central level government staffs
  • Partnership with the Provincial Department of Law in the Ministry of Justice

Strategy 5: CIDSE will work with Lao groups to build a movement of Lao nationals aware of and interested in natural resource issues. This groups acts as a forum for Lao people to share and act on ideas. Regional and international level advocacy efforts through cooperation with other groups will be used when appropriate.

  • Legal training with the MIC-MAC  (Macro and Micro Economic Linkage) network (exclusively Lao nationals)
  • Cooperation with regional NGOs
  • Collecting and sharing data with out of country groups for international advocacy